These are the proposals to be implemented within a year and they are organized by our areas of focus.


Cellular Service

Use drones equipped with cell towers called Cell on Wings (COWs) to provide temporary cell service inspired by AT&T’s use of COWs.


Shift operations of certain services to sites with generators and communication provisions during storms and provide local officials with satellite phones to communicate with radio stations.
Recruit volunteers to aid in outreach after storms in order to alleviate stress on journalists and broadcasters.


Use satellite phones to reliably organize rescue operations.
Use an alternate, mobile form of satellite-enabled communications to act as a local service provide.

Supply Distribution

Access to Clean Water

While repairing generators through outside resources is an effective way to provide a water source after storms, it should not be the long-term objective.
Stock gravity-powered water filtration systems in community centers for each household to quickly access and replace them yearly.

Fuel Distribution

Store spare diesel fuel for community residents that is yearly restocked.

Transportation and Housing

Debris Clearing

Implement temporary debris management sites and optimize this through data analysis can improve debris clearing.