These are the proposals to be implemented within three years and they are organized by our areas of focus.


Hurricane Education

Teach how best to prepare for hurricanes both with regards to preparation techniques and train how to use new communications technologies.
Place PSA campaign posters, make available brochures, and air infomercials with information about hurricane preparation strategies and potential hurricanes coming.

Cellular Service

Recommend local cell services sign deals with Loons Inc and the maintenance of Loons launching sites to provide widespread communication access.


Integrate radio stations into independent energy microgrids that are equipped with solar power and storage capacity and recurrent maintenance.


Damage Resistance

Build more resilient solar panels along the coast that are raised to avoid flooding damage and durable against high winds.

Portable Energy

Subsidize the cost of solar powered generators and increase their availability in stores.

Supply Distribution


Fund and train the Puerto Rican National Guard to properly allow prompt activation with the scope of disaster in mind.
Incentivize agricultural practices such as crop rotation, integrated pest management, buffer zones, and polyculture via tax write-off.

Internal Supply Chain

Start construction of underground bunkers to immediately store supplies from port arrivals.
Renovate piping systems to minimize contamination in water distribution.
Implement scannable barcodes that track and sort supplies at ports for effective internal distribution.


Survey and examine the needs of Puerto Ricans and review facility information in order to evaluate need of medication.
Making personal medical information more accessible through electronic medical records.

Access to Clean Water

Implement solar-powered microgrids into water distribution and waste management centers.
Store generator repair kits with supplies that are applicable to all generator types in community centers.

Transportation & Housing


Petition FEMA and pressure US politicians to enact DHAP for a more affordable and impactful housing solution.