These are all the proposals to be implemented after three years and they are organized by our areas of focus.


Hurricane Education

Educate communities about mental health resources.


Deploy WISECOM satellites in a pilot program.


Damage Resistance

Reinforce power grid with stronger materials.
Invest in more durable energy structures.

Alternative Energy

Launch trial runs for solar microgrids in more isolated communities.
Invest in repairing and building new wind farms.
Implement waste to energy programs to produce energy that can be used by Puerto Rico.

Supply Distribution


Improve policies in Stafford Act that currently regulates the payment of specific disaster recovery efforts.
Propose policy aimed at incentivizing farming.
Implement farming and agriculture in urban areas.

Internal Supply Chain

Replant trees in the Luquillo Mountains in order to protect the quality and quantity of the water supply.

Community Centers

Build additional community centers to serve as the hub for resources and supplies before, during, and after hurricanes.

Transportation & Housing

New Roads

Develop and grow road systems to provide greater access to rural mountainous areas, particularly in the case of blocked roads and following storms.
Implement drainage systems to reduce damage from flooding and runoff.
Develop new road systems through the use of alternative materials and processes.